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The Effect of Precaution against Sub-health of the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi

The Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi is not only able to stretch the limbs and dredge the joints but also to modulate the sub-health state as it organically combines the body actions with the breath and psychological regulations.

The health of the body is divided into three degrees of which include the first sate of health, the second state of disease, the third physiological state of which is called sub-health between the health and disease with basic features of low physical strength, reactive dysfunction, reducing adaptability, bad spiritual state, low immunity function, liability of catching diseases. Its main manifestations are including insomnia, forgetfulness, fidgety, low back pain, low-spiritedness, etc. The sub-health can continuously or intermittently occur of which is the origin and basis resulting in all those visceral diseases.

Three body states can transform each other, that is to say, the sub-health can turn into the diseases or the healthy state. We can take feasible measures to regulate our bodies to turn it into the healthy state.

The exercise of the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi can play an important role in regulating the sub-health of the body. Why can it do that? As it is one kind of health skills refined and simplified routines based on different schools of the traditional Wu Qin Xi, the combination of the traditional life cultivation doctrine with the methods of body building and health enhancing with the function of dredging the meridians, modulating the Qi and blood, exercising the tendons and bones, smoothing the joints.

Firstly, we analyze its function in the aspect of psychological regulation as it is required that the practicer should do it before and during each routines in the exercise of the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi. The practicer should mind on the Dantian and rid of the distracted thoughts with quiet mind and spirit before the exercise, get into the imitation of its physical activities of each animal in the exercise. When practicing the tiger exercise, try to imagine yourself as a fierce tiger in the mountains who is looking down upon other beasts and stretching its own pawns and about to pounce on its prey; in the deer exercise, imagine that you are prudent and mild, jogging on a green field; in the exercise of the bear, you are a clumsy bear, composed and steady, freely roaming the forests; in the monkey exercise, you become a happy and agile monkey; in the bird exercise, you are a free bird with quiet mind and flying in the sky. Therefore you can continuously regulate the mind state in the exercise and it is helpful to the relaxation of the mind. The regular exercise of this skill can transform and regulate the mind of the practicer to relieve the spiritual nervousness, improve the emotional stability, reduce the mental stress and keep the healthy mind.

Secondly, each routine of the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi has its own characteristics and also can be turned into integrity in the aspect of the regulating the body. The tiger exercise regulates the liver. The practicer should act like the fierce tiger pouncing its prey with its majesty on its claws and apply the strength at the tip of the fingers and gaze with the cruel greed of a tiger. Convergence of the Qi and blood while exercising can act as soothing the tendons, nurturing the liver and brightening the eyes as the finger nails and eyes are subject to the liver in five elements. The body of the practicer spreads out with arms extending upwards in the exercise of the routine of raising the tiger’s paws and seizing the prey. It can exercise the sides of the body and unblocking the Qi and blood of the liver as it is just the part of the liver and gall bladder running. Regular exercise of this routine can sooth the liver Qi and ameliorate its diseases and disorders.

The deer exercise mainly modulates the kidney as the practicer should sway the waist left-and-right and turn the buttocks while doing the routine of colliding with the antlers. The exercise of the waist can stimulate and strengthen the kidney as the waist is the dwelling place of the kidney. The exercise of deer galloping can strengthen the Du meridian as the practicer pulls in the chest, protrudes backwards the backbone to form a perpendicular arc and open and close the Mingmen. The function improvement of the kidneys and Du meridian can regulate the reproductive system as the kidney is storing the essence and the Du meridian is in charge of the Yang Qi of all the body.

The bear exercise mainly modulates the spleen as the practicer turns the body in the axle of the waist to squeeze and massage the spleen and stomach that will smooth the Qi and blood circulation of the middle Jiao in the exercise of rotating the waist like a bear. The left-and-right swaying of the body can sooth and regulate the liver with the function of invigorating the spleen and the stomach in the exercise of swaying like a bear. The function improvement of the spleen and stomach can enhance the function of the digestive system to provide sufficient nutrients for the body as they are in charge of transforming and transporting the drink and food. The regular exercise of the bear routine can relieve the following symptoms including the anorexia, abdominal distension and pain, diarrhea and constipation, etc.

The monkey exercise mainly modulates the heart as the practicer should fold up the arms in front of the chest and shrug the shoulders in lifting the hands just like monkey lifting its paws, which can smooth the heart meridian as it runs in the wall side of the arms. The action is the same for the heart meridian in the routine of doing like monkey picking fruits; in the meantime, the motion of the arms to great extent can squeeze and massage the thorax and be good at the blood-pumping function of the heart. The regular exercise of the monkey routine can ameliorate the palpitation, insomnia and dreaminess, night sweating and cold limbs as the heart is in charge of the blood and vessels.

The bird exercise mainly modulates the lung as its movements of lifting, lowering, opening and closing the arms can drag the lung meridian to act as dredging the Qi and blood of this meridian, in the meantime, the movement of the thorax can directly regulate the tidal volume and improve the ventilation and breathing capacity of the lung. The regular exercise of the bird routine can relieve the short breath, chest distress, nasal obstruction and nasal discharge as the lung is in charge of the air exchange and the water metabolism.

Each action is coordinated movements of the whole body rather than one single act in the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi. For example, the tiger exercise is the coordinated movements of the arms, waist and legs rather than the seizing and pouncing of the arms. In addition, the tiger exercise can strengthen the waist and legs, the monkey lifting exercise can improve the reactive speed, the bird exercise can boost the equilibrium ability, etc.

Thirdly, in the aspect of regulating the breath, there is abundant meaning for that in the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi. For example, it is required that the practicer inhales while lifting the palms and exhales while lowering them. This way of breath can not only drag the thorax and increase the lung capacity at the angle of the kinology but strengthen the action of the lung regulating the Qi activity of the body. The lung is in charge of the Qi and performs the function of respiration, in charge of the coordination of visceral activities, opens up and regulates the water course in Chinese medicine. Slow inhaling while lifting the palms can breathe in the clear air in nature of which is combined with the essential substance produced by the spleen and stomach inside the body to form the nutrients for all the body. Exhale the turbid air and discharge the waste while lowering the palms. The inhalation and exhalation by this way makes the substance exchange and enhances the metabolism as well as the blood circulation and dredges the Qi activity of the whole body. In the deer colliding the antlers exercise, it is required that the practicer should inhale while lifting the palms and perineal region and exhale while pressing down and lowering perineal region. This way of breath can increase the strength of the body and regulate the meridians system as the lower abdomen contracts while lifting the anus and naturally enriches while relaxing. This way of exercise can enrich the Dantian as it locates three cun below the umbilicus. The archaeus stored in the Dantian is the basis of Qi in the whole body of which will be enriched with the abundance of the former that will be smooth the Qi activity of the body. In addition, the meridians of Ren and Du start from the uterus and run outside the body through the preineal region, the contraction and extension of that part can stimulate above-mentioned meridians and smooth and strengthen all the meridians as the Ren meridian is in charge of all the Yin meridians and the Du meridian is in charge of all the Yang meridians. The ways of exercising the breath are varied in the Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi such as inhaling while lifting and opening and ahead by turn and exhaling while lowering and closing and behind by turn in the aspect of breath rule; natural breath, abdominal breath, breath while lifting the anus in the aspect of the breath form. The practicer can choose different breath ways according to different posture and strength in the exercise. Generally speaking, regulating the breath can dredge the meridians, smooth the Qi and blood circulation, strengthen the function of that the lung is in charge of the respiration and the kidney is in charge of promoting the respiration. The blood circulation will be smooth with Qi flow smooth. The spirit will be exuberant with sufficient Qi. The body will be healthy with the smooth meridians and vessels as Qi is the dominating factor for the normal function of body.

The Health Qigong Wu Qin Xi is one kind of aerobic exercise with medium intensity, which makes the body, Qi and spirit integrated and coordinates the health as it can transform and regulate the mind under the different sate, extend the joints, ligaments and muscles of the arms and legs by ways of bending over, hypsokinesis, lateral flexion and twisting, control and regulate the breath in varied modes. It has effective regulating action on the sub-health state.